Congratulations! BOREDOM Achievement Unlocked!

You\'re that bored that you clicked on all the links on this site and landed on the "terms" page. Well done.

Nothing else going on tonight?

This function was included with the site. We have absolutely no idea what it does or what we\'re supposed to put here. By the way, there\'s a bug in the system that adds a "\" every time you use an apostrophe. It\'s not like we\'re on a backslash typo rampage because we\'re using some cheapo bluetooth keyboard that we bought online.

So. Terms. Yeah.

I mean, we could say something like "we make music, you listen" or "we do live shows, you come and flip the F*** out" or something like that.

Those are our terms. Do you accept - Y/N?

Another Term for a "Term" is an Expression. Swedes have lots of weird expressions like one that translates as "not for 5 ears" which probably made sense once, when ears were a form of money (we guess), but make absolutely no sense in this modern, digital world. I mean, think about it. When was the last time you paid for something with ears or any other body part that\'d been liberated from the owner. We watched all 892 seasons of Vikings, including the sequels "Valhalla - even Vikinger", "Vikings gone wild" and "Vikings in Ibiza on Ice, the Christmas Special", and at no point did anyone order a beer, pay a ransom, buy a sword, pay for passage on a boat or procure someone\'s "services" using ears as a form of legally accepted currency. Not once did someone say something like "that\'ll be one and a quarter ears, Björn!". Not once!!! Now, we\'re wondering if Norwegians have expressions that involve a hippopotamus\'s fridge magnet or something about dancing like a troll in ankle warmers. You never know. All that time in the dark in winter. All that snow. And home brew (*remembers some nights that are difficult to remember and winces*).

When we start selling through the site, I guess that we\'ll have to fill this page with lots of legalese and boring complicated sentences about transactions, responsible parties, pool parties, plagues, first born, etc., try to use the word fungible in a sentence without laughing, appear professional and mad trustworthy and the like.

Much more fun to write about swedes and their ancient cranial-extrusion based monetary system.